Leadership and administration in a congregation are collaborative processes. In the daily work of caring for the needs and desires of our congregations all of us come to trust and appreciate each other’s gifts. I work at creating a generally collaborative and partnership model of administration and leadership among staff and volunteer leaders and the congregation as a whole. At the same time there are tasks and roles of leadership which are respectively unique to the lay leadership and to the called minister of a congregation. The on-going balance and negotiation of these roles requires regular intention and attention by all involved.

The minister’s newsletter column is an important avenue for leadership. It is the one mode of communication that reaches all the congregation, including those who don’t attend services for whatever reason. I am including three samples of my newsletter column.

I have become adept at policy-based governance, and I recommend a Hotchkiss-style version of it for even smaller congregations. It helps with clarity of roles, and facilitates greater attention to visioning and long-range planning, while empowering the staff and committees, or teams, to do the work of the congregation.

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