Included here is an article that was published by the UU Christian journal. The article is called, "THE RESTORATION OF OUR PAST: The Influence of Mysticism on Universalism." It describes a rather neglected early strand of Universalism, and grew out of a course I had with the late, great Dr. John Godbey at Meadville/Lombard. 

Also included is a paper I wrote for the Ohio River Group. The Ohio River Group is a Unitarian Universalist ministers’ study group. The paper is from 2005 and is called "Prison Ministry -- Why Do It?" It is a response to a paper by the Rev. Catherine Torpey called “Theologies of Prison Ministry.”


Olympia Brown Award – 1999 – this award is given to just one student each year for a winning paper on some aspect of Universalism

Frederick Henry Hedge Prize – 1998 – offered by the UU Christian Fellowship for an essay on the history of UU Christianity

Tropia Award in Linguistics – 1982 – an award for excellence in the field of Linguistics

Phi Beta Kappa   1982


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