My personal theological position is best described as pantheist: I see the divine in everything, and there is no being that exists independently of the universe. I am comfortable with God-language, seeing God as perhaps the loving principle of the universe, or perhaps that deep, hard-to-access aspect of ourselves that connects us to the whole. 

I consider myself to be theologically multi-lingual; that is, able to converse in many different theological languages, from Christian to Buddhist to Pagan to Humanist.  


In addition to the many ways we seek truth and meaning, I believe we have a common foundation in our Unitarian Universalist faith. Our Unitarian roots feed the belief in the goodness of humanity, and our Universalist roots feed the belief in the goodness of God, or the universe.  There is no hell in our faith, and our heaven is here on earth, if we can only realize it, if we can only believe in it.  We all have inherent worth and dignity, and we are all connected to each other and to the whole.  We derive our worth through our being part of this greater whole.  I believe that this foundational faith undergirds all the different UU theologies, and is a faith that can save us and sustain us.

© 2018 by Rev. Jane Thickstun